I love reading and will keep uploading books that I have read onto this blog to get back some cash. ^o^

The books are definitely not in 100% condition as they are used books so if you are very particular about the condition of the book, you can email me to request for more information.

In order to keep the blog looking pristine and nice (^o^ hehehe..), I will delete posts of sold books and update the books onto my 'SOLD BOOKS' list. (hmmm... try reading the sentence after the comma several times quickly.. Ooopss.. tongue twister ^~^; )

Anyway, hopefully you can find some books that you like on my blog!!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Shoujo/Gempakstarz comics - RM2 per book

- Cinta di Hutan Kelip-kelip, Pengintip Bangsawan

- Cari Kerja & Masih Cari Kerja (1 set)

- Gagahnya Kelab Manik, Pawana Rindu

- Shoujo manga (Pengantin Perempuan Diketepikan)